About Us

Welcome to Big School Kids! We are a website dedicated to helping children thrive in their early school years.

Our goal is to make the transition into kindergarten and primary school as smooth and exciting as possible for kids. We provide tips, advice, activity ideas, and resources to support children academically, socially, and emotionally.

At Big School Kids, we believe the early school years are so important for instilling a lifelong love of learning. With the right support, this can be a magical time of discovery and growth. We are here to help parents and teachers give kids the best possible start on their educational journey.

Our Focus

We cover topics including:

  • Kindergarten readiness – activities and skills to practice before starting school
  • Adjusting to the school environment – help for separation anxiety, following routines, making friends
  • Early literacy and math concepts – reading, writing, counting, shapes, patterns
  • Social-emotional development – building confidence, managing emotions, solving problems
  • Arts and crafts – fun projects to spark creativity and fine motor skills
  • Physical activities – exercises and games to stay active and develop coordination
  • Healthy eating – tips for school lunches and snacks
  • Parenting strategies – ways to support learning at home and build a positive relationship with the school
  • Special needs – advice for neurodiverse kids like those with ADHD, autism, dyslexia

Our commitment is to provide useful, positive information in an accessible way. We want school to be a time of wonder and excitement for every child.

About Our Team

Big School Kids was founded by a team of educators and child development professionals who are passionate about the education and wellbeing of young learners.

We combine our professional expertise with plenty of real-world experience. Several team members have spent years in the kindergarten and primary school classroom. We’re also parents who have been through this process ourselves with our own children.

Our goal is to share insider tips and tools that really work – both at school and at home. We could not be more excited to help your child have an incredible start to their academic journey! Please explore our website and reach out with any questions.