Easter Holiday at Lake Macquarie

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Hope everyone had a wonderful school holiday break and Easter long weekend. This was the first school holidays for Mr. 5 who started kindy this year. His big sister, Miss 7 was super excited to have someone to play with during her holidays this time around. We had a road trip to Lake Macquarie with two other families planned for the Easter long weekend. So they had a few days before that to keep themselves entertained while excitedly counting down to the trip.

Part of the excitement of going away was the packing. The day before our trip, they happily stuffed their backpacks with their second-favourite toys. They knew the possibility of having their toys lost, so they decided to keep their favourite ones at home! Smart!

Day 1

Morning finally came, the kids woke early squealing with joy and anticipation. We quickly finished our breakfast and embarked on our journey.

After an almost 3-hour journey, catching up with our friends along the way and stopping for a lunch break, we finally arrived at our holiday home. Upon entering our 6-bedroom home, we were greeted with a beautiful interior, with lovely, comfortable furniture and clean living conditions. We were also stunned with the amazing view – looking out from our living room was the picturesque Lake Macquarie. The below photo was our backyard!

For the rest of the day, we decided to relax and relish in our new surroundings before making plans for activities for the remainder of our stay. The kids happily played with their friends who they hadn’t seen for months.

Day 2

On our second day, we decided to visit the Hunter Valley Gardens to check out the Mega Creatures Exhibition. It was a 45 minute drive to the Gardens but after arriving and entering the carpark, we glimpsed a huge queue of visitors snaking all the way out onto the footpath leading out from the ticket counter. The queue was ridiculously long and we would be waiting in the hot sun for quite a while. With 8 restless kids, we made the decision to skip the exhibition and to play elsewhere in the Gardens instead.

There were a few activities outside in the Gardens. We did a mixture of mini golf, a play in the playground and then grabbed lunch at a cafe to refuel. After the Gardens, we decided to head to the nearest winery, which was less than 5 minutes’ drive away. However, we saw that the line of cars exiting was equally a nightmare – with traffic moving like a snail. It took us 45 minutes to exit the carpark! When we finally exited and arrived at Brokenwood Wines, the dads were truly ready for some wine (the mums volunteered to be sober so we could drive).

Day 3

The third day of our trip was by far the hottest. With perfect lingering temperatures leftover from the last days of warm Autumn weather, it was ideal conditions for us to visit Caves Beach. Just under three-quarters of an hour’s drive away, we arrived to the breathtaking beach with a giant cave opening.

We had arrived early, and grabbed ourselves a shady spot under the few scattered trees. The kids had a wonderful time playing by the water, building sandcastles and running away from big waves crashing onto the sand. We stayed for about 2 hours playing under the scorching sun before leaving to grab some lunch and heading back to our home-away-from-home. We then finished off the day with a mini Easter Egg hunt for the kids. By night, the older kids were already starting to talk about missing each other and whined about the holiday being too short.

Caves Beach at Lake Macquarie

Day 4

On our final morning, it was time to pack up and head back home. As fun as it was, I must say it was also tiring for us parents. Having to think of fun activities for the kids everyday, long drives, shop and and cook meals for a group of 14 people, and manage a large bunch of squealing kids and chaotic toddlers ain’t no easy feat! However, it has become an annual tradition during Easter to go away on a road trip with this same group of friends. And, every year, we all look forward to catching up again somewhere away from home. ‘Til next Easter!

Want to know about our previous holidays? You can read about our road trip to Canberra during New Year’s Eve 2018!

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  1. Hi Sarah, thanks for sharing your journey with us 🙂 Brokenwood Wines sounds like a blast haha! Amazing to travel with such a big group. Thanks for the enjoyable read 🙂

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