Orchard Toys Pass The Word


Orchard Toys Pass The Word – Big School Kids is a fantastic game that makes spelling fun and engaging. The objective is to race against the timer and put together as many words as possible. The pressure of the timer adds excitement to the game, and players of all ages will be on the edge of their seats trying to finish their word.

One of the highlights of this game is that it encourages and develops literacy skills. With a wide range of words from 3-6 letters, players have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary and improve their spelling abilities. It can also be used as a simple spelling or phonics activity for younger players, making it a versatile game for different ages and skill levels.

The game includes 17 word cards, 67 letter cards, a sand timer, and an instruction leaflet. The components are of high quality and the box size is convenient for storage. The game is suitable for children aged 5-9, but even older kids and adults can enjoy it as a fun and challenging word game.

Overall, Orchard Toys Pass The Word – Big School Kids is a winner. It combines education and entertainment seamlessly, making it a valuable addition to any classroom or family game night. It’s a great way to enhance spelling skills, improve memory, and have a blast with friends and family. Highly recommended!

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