University Games: Totally Gross Is Totally Science Fun


Get ready to get down and dirty with the hilariously revolting card game Totally Gross from University Games! This game is sure to elicit shrieks of disgust and delight from kids and kids-at-heart alike.

The premise is simple – players take turns flipping over cards filled with cringe-worthy gross-outs and race to shout them out first. We’re talking boogers, puke, smelly feet, and other unspeakable ickiness. Just saying the gross-tastic words out loud elicits squirms and squeals of revulsion.

With silly cartoony art adding to the fun, you’ll find 150 gross cards loaded with zany references to barf, snot, farts and more. Think you have the strongest stomach? The player able to shout out the most disgusting terms wins!

Of course this is gross-out humor at its best, eliciting plenty of giggles and ewwwws around the table. Totally Gross comes in a compact tin, making it easy to toss in a backpack for playground fun or car ride amusement.

We enjoyed the fast-paced, boisterous gameplay as a family, with the gross-out terms becoming sillier the more we laughed. And kids love the permission to say these immature words out loud, even if it makes parents cringe! With a wide age range, this welcoming game can be a hit at parties, playdates, even camping trips.

So if you’re looking for some squirm-worthy fun, get ready to exclaim ‘Ewww gross!’ and embrace the yuckiness with Totally Gross.

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